Sunday, August 22, 2010

New projects + giveaway!

Hey all,


Well here is the update from the projects i have been working on and of course the giveaway! Already 25 followers never thought people would be interested in what i have to tell the world.


First, i have been working on a big crochet project, it’s a baby ragnarok dragon from amigurumi artist, you can find here on ravelry and download here patterns. They are easy to work up but there are no instruction on how to sew everything. So lot to fiddle around with!


 IMG_1330Got the head, mouth pieces, 1 wing, both legs and the tail done. still so much to do!


I also joined a crochet along over at Dawn Toussaint she has shown us some sketches of what it’s going to be not the finished project and that makes it all the more fun!


She posted lesson 1 yesterday, join in the fun!

Here is my finished piece.


IMG_13254 legs and a belly thing. Haha join in the fun and come back next Wednesday for the next lesson!


Now for the part i know some people have been waiting for the giveaway!


Here is your change to win one of these cuties!


IMG_1328  IMG_1327

It’s a little sheep! You when you win you get to choose it’s colors and face expression! He is over 10 inch/25 cm big! So perfect to cuddle!


What do you have to do?


- Follow my blog

- Post a comment about what colors your sheep should be

- Come back 10 September and see if you have won!


Of course you can blog about it on your own blog, so get people over here! And if we get 50 followers by the end of the giveaway i will add a second winner!

What have i been up to?

Hey all!

Long time no posts! Sorry about dropping from the planet like that, but sometimes you have to drop off from it to get a fresh start.

I have been thinking about my life a lot the last few weeks and things needed to change. I wasn't happy with myself and how thing where going so i talked about it with my hubby and decided that thing's needed to change for the both of us.

Hes looking hard for a job and I'm working 4 days a week, the work is fun but not something i wanted to do with my life, i want to do something in crafts. So because hubby is a web designer he's going to make me a web shop where I'm going to sell everything you need to make amigurumi's (books, woll, eye's ec) something i always wanted to do. I'm also working on my own patterns (one done yeah!)

Goal is to open up before Christmas.

And my blog has 25 followers! THANK YOU!

Keep your eye's out for a giveaway later today!