Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finished projects and a W.I.P

Hey blogworld,


I finished some of the projects i have been working on. Life is going slow for me at the moment, starting my new job upcoming Monday and to say the least i’m nervous! So to keep myself calm i’m doing a lot of crochet and working on things to get my etsy shop open and running.


Anyways little Dewey duck is almost finished! Just have to crochet the flower steam and sew that in his hands.


Picture 021Picture 019  

I also finished my crochet a long for planet june, the little wale was fun and easy to make! Join in the fun.

Picture 018 Picture 017

And my last project, i finished this crochet holder in 1 day! I’m so proud of it finally a place to keep al my crochet and sewing items!


Picture 022 Picture 023


Thanks for looking!


Corina said...

Wat een schattig eendje heb je gemhaakt, hij kijkt zo lief uit zijn oogjes!
Groetjes Corina

Lia said...

I like the fish and the crochetneedle-holder!

Corina said...

Nice projects!

Kjersti said...

Wow, love the holder! Is there a pattern for it? (a)

Annemarie's Breiblog said...

I love the whale!! It's really cute!

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