Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Blog HOP!!

What did you create this week? Add you project and link to your website, click on "click here to enter" to add your project!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey all,

Well i finished one of my w.i.p's, still a long way to go but i will get them all finished in there own time.

I loved this pattern, was easy to follow and it's even free! Look it up on ravelry.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Needle felting and a w.i.p

Hello all,

How are things going for you? Things have settled down around here and my mind is a little bit more clearer then before.

I started doing some crafts again, i wanted to open my etsy store before Christmas but because of hubby's health that's just not going to happen. But i am stocking up!

First up i'm still working on perfecting the way i make needle felted bears. I came to the conclusion that i like embroider noses better the needle felted once, but i'm still playing around with the idea of clay noses.

Second my w.i.p for Christmas, can you see what it will be? ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

W.I.P clay creations

Hey all,

As promised the photo's of what i'm working on in clay.
The first one is made of air dry clay, came out bigger the expected but i like here, she's going to get a sort of Alice in wonderland outfit.

Second is a little clay unicorn doll that i have no idea where is going, the colors are brown's at the moment but can still change..

Sorry for the crappy images, it's night here and my camera makes everything that is white yellow ><

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Polymer clay

I forgot how much i like to work with clay. today i came across some amazing blogs that inspired me to pick up the clay i put down so long ago. Several sculptures in the works, including a unicorn girl and a Christmas fairy.

The dolls from Odd-Dolls make me happy i just love here cone dolls and hope to own one some day.

Also have a look at Much ADO About Art Dolls lot's of inspiration to find from so many amazing artists.

My mind has been troubling me lately but crafting puts everything in the correct state of mind and i'm less grumpy so what's there to lose! haha

I will post a w.i.p photo tomorrow before painting my unicorn girl.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

And winter starts

Where does the time go?
It feels like only a week ago when summer started and look outside now, rain, long dark days


Yes i'm one of those people how get a winter depression every year, i feel down in those long dark days and don't feel like doing anything.

So i just look at the photo's from last summer when our garden was still great and craft a little bit.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crochet a long with Maggie Weldon

Hey all,

I found this cute crochet a long for a cute Christmas pillow, i started right away!
We are going to make this cloth pillow into a crochet pillow shown below!

Way don't you join in? Come join us over at Maggie Weldon!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to blogging world!

Hey everybody!

Long time no blog, but i did have a reason for it!
First i was sick for almost a month, bladder infection that wouldn't go away and i was on a lot of meds! I got out of the hospital a few days ago and feeling a lot better now, got 2 operations, the first once in my life!

Then my bank account got hacked into and a large sum was taken from it :(
My bank closed my account so nobody could log in to it, BUT they also REVERSED every payment i made those last 2 weeks! And i did Christmas shopping on etsy so you can understand what happened :(

Still trying to work that problem out adding funds from my hubby's account and repaying everybody, i feel terrible about it!

But i also did a lot of crochet and working with clay, photo's about that soon!

My goal is to put something on my blog no matter how little it is everyday. So keep your eye's out!

Friday, September 10, 2010

And the winner is!

Hey all,


Well the giveaway ended, thank you everybody how took the time to comment and tell me what kind of sheep they would want. I’m going to have a new giveaway in the further for sure!


And now for the winner!


My hubby was so nice to pick one from the big hat….


*drums rolling*



*some more*







Congrats on winning! I will contact you ASAP for you shipping details!


Thanks again everybody and join again next time!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New projects + giveaway!

Hey all,


Well here is the update from the projects i have been working on and of course the giveaway! Already 25 followers never thought people would be interested in what i have to tell the world.


First, i have been working on a big crochet project, it’s a baby ragnarok dragon from amigurumi artist, you can find here on ravelry and download here patterns. They are easy to work up but there are no instruction on how to sew everything. So lot to fiddle around with!


 IMG_1330Got the head, mouth pieces, 1 wing, both legs and the tail done. still so much to do!


I also joined a crochet along over at Dawn Toussaint she has shown us some sketches of what it’s going to be not the finished project and that makes it all the more fun!


She posted lesson 1 yesterday, join in the fun!

Here is my finished piece.


IMG_13254 legs and a belly thing. Haha join in the fun and come back next Wednesday for the next lesson!


Now for the part i know some people have been waiting for the giveaway!


Here is your change to win one of these cuties!


IMG_1328  IMG_1327

It’s a little sheep! You when you win you get to choose it’s colors and face expression! He is over 10 inch/25 cm big! So perfect to cuddle!


What do you have to do?


- Follow my blog

- Post a comment about what colors your sheep should be

- Come back 10 September and see if you have won!


Of course you can blog about it on your own blog, so get people over here! And if we get 50 followers by the end of the giveaway i will add a second winner!

What have i been up to?

Hey all!

Long time no posts! Sorry about dropping from the planet like that, but sometimes you have to drop off from it to get a fresh start.

I have been thinking about my life a lot the last few weeks and things needed to change. I wasn't happy with myself and how thing where going so i talked about it with my hubby and decided that thing's needed to change for the both of us.

Hes looking hard for a job and I'm working 4 days a week, the work is fun but not something i wanted to do with my life, i want to do something in crafts. So because hubby is a web designer he's going to make me a web shop where I'm going to sell everything you need to make amigurumi's (books, woll, eye's ec) something i always wanted to do. I'm also working on my own patterns (one done yeah!)

Goal is to open up before Christmas.

And my blog has 25 followers! THANK YOU!

Keep your eye's out for a giveaway later today!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Dutch box swap!

Hey all!


How is your weekend going? Mine is alright. Got a visitor today how brought me the box from a swap i joined here in the netherlands. It’s called the box. The swap starts with basic crochet or knitting goodies and goes from person to person, the person how has the box takes things out the box they like but then they put the same amount of items (or more in my case LOL) back in the box and send it on to the next person.


And believe me it’s a BIG box! Almost 10 kilo’s!


Here are the goodies i got out of the box for myself.


Picture 042


Very happy with everything  and already put new items in the box and shipping it to the next person tomorrow.


Don’t you just love surprises? I do!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where does time go?

Hey everybody,


Do ever wonder where time has gone? Man days, weeks, months are going by so quickly these days sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything!


So today i sat down and took pictures of all the projects i’m working on


90% done, dormouse in teapot.


So fun to make and my FIRST knitting project! Not the best but cute. Have to finish embroidering the flowers on the pot and them she’s done!


Picture 034 Picture 035 Picture 032 Picture 033


So i also started on the second and third project, a Siamese kitty (for my hubby) and lady mouse pattern from alan dart.


Picture 037Picture 038 


Knitting is FUN! I never thought i would be able to learn it but it did! Thanks to youtube and some great books i did it. I can’t knit in the round but maybe that’s something to learn for the winter ;)


Anyways i’m also a lot in our garden, it’s blooming all over, my hubby takes good care of all our plants, he’s the best in gardening! Even plants that die in his mothers garden bloom wonderful in ours!


Picture 036Jup small garden, but wait a few years when my hubby also have a good paying job and we are out of here, moving to new home with a BIG garden for my hubby to play in ;)


And of course i have to end this post with our cute cat Oscar, i’m so happy we bought him last September for my birthday, i can’t go a day without him!


Picture 029 Picture 030 Picture 031


Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's going on?

Hey everybody,

Do you know that feeling that things have to change in your live? Well i have that feeling at the moment, i'm cleaning the house throwing and selling everything i don't need and i love how much space we have! We bought some big plastic containers for all my yarn and crafting supplies. The room that was once our storage room is now cleaned out and is my craft room! Do you believe that my own craft room, my hubby made me so happy!

Anyways i haven't posted in a few weeks because our cat (minou) had some major epileptic attacks that scared the hell out of me! She's only 3 years old and i don't want to lose here to something like that. we found out that attacks are triggered when something happens that normally wouldn't (like a glass shattering or a the mail man drops something big on our mailbox) so we are extra careful now because the vet told us that they do affect here brain every time she has a attack.

Anyways i'm going to post new photo's today going to enjoy the nice weather first!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New job

Hey everybody,


I started my new job last week, still have to get used to everybody and getting to know everybody. I do have a lot of fun and it’s so much more relaxed then my old job!


So because of this crafts are a little bit on the back burner not completely of course, started on the fabulous big daddy pattern from Nerdigurumi, and best of all the pattern is completely free! AND she’s going to add the little sister to here site soon so you can complete the set!


I finished the head and almost the body


Picture 026 Picture 027


The pattern is easy to follow but so many pieces! So this will be a long term project but i love working on it when i’m watching my hubby doing xbox 360 games!


I also started my very first knitting project, i found a super pattern designer named Alan Dart, the most amazing knitting patterns with 2 needles. I never made any toys for knitting because almost all of them use double pointed needles, and i can’t work with those! So i got on ebay and bought myself a dormouse pattern from the alice in wonderland set.


I started on the thee post part and as you can see there are some mistakes but bare with me it’s my first knitting project.


Picture 025 Picture 024 

So i’m proud i got this far! I want to finished to pot part this week and the mouse the next.


Anyways i will keep you all updated how things go with work!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Finished projects and a W.I.P

Hey blogworld,


I finished some of the projects i have been working on. Life is going slow for me at the moment, starting my new job upcoming Monday and to say the least i’m nervous! So to keep myself calm i’m doing a lot of crochet and working on things to get my etsy shop open and running.


Anyways little Dewey duck is almost finished! Just have to crochet the flower steam and sew that in his hands.


Picture 021Picture 019  

I also finished my crochet a long for planet june, the little wale was fun and easy to make! Join in the fun.

Picture 018 Picture 017

And my last project, i finished this crochet holder in 1 day! I’m so proud of it finally a place to keep al my crochet and sewing items!


Picture 022 Picture 023


Thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CAL (Crochet a long) PlanetJune!

I joined the crochet a long from planet june on Ravelry. Join it to it will be fun! You can choose from a tiny wale or from daffodils.


Just click the button below.



Monday, April 12, 2010

W.I.P Monday

Hey everybody,

Well i did have a busy weekend after al. Hubby’s birthday was great, lots of cake, food and off course presents! He loved the presents i got him so and is playing just cause 2 on his xbox360 right now.

Anyways because the festivities spanned over the complete weekend i didn’t have time to work on the giveaway i had planned, so sorry about that! I will have it up later this week, but i’m sure everybody will like it!

Because i have so many projects i’m working on at the moment i thought it would be fun to have a work in progress (w.i.p) Monday everybody so i can keep track of everything and my visitors can see the things i’m working on!

This week i’m working on:

Final Fantasy 9 Vivi amigurumi, about 25% done.

Picture 013

My very first cross stitch going to be 2 frogs but i think i bought a way to hard kit for myself as the cross stitches are VERY small!

Picture 014

And last but not least i’m working on a felt sheep for a door hanger. Still lots of things to do but having fun!

Picture 015

So that’s what i’m working on at the moment, i do have some other side project (like the granny square bag) but i put those aside for the moment.

So come back later this week for the giveaway!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some finished projects.

Hey all! How was everybody's Easter weekend? Mine was all right we went to look a car show called Burton, my hubby wants' so build one of these cars, so me as good wife went along and did have a good time afterall! I finished my little bunny, gave here eye patches, finished here beanie and gave here a nice flower. I love how she turned out! She was my first "big" crochet project, photo's below!



This Friday it’s my hubby’s birthday and his parents offered so give a little party at there home. So tomorrow we are going to do all the shopping (jummie foods!) and get everything ready. Bought him just cause 2 for the xbox 360 and some things for his car to be.


Anyways because of there nice offer, i made them a little spring something, one for me, one for my mother in law and of course for my sister in law.


They are so much fun to make! The one with the flower is for me, i still have to make flowers for there bird’s but i still have time (well only tonight so have to work harder!)


I also started working on a crochet bag, only got 3 granny squares done, still 10 to go!



So that’s it from me for now, come back this Saturday because of my hubby’s birthday i will be holding a little give away!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A w.i.p and a finished project

Hey all,


How are things going in the big world? Things are going all right for us, spring finally kicked in and it was 22 degree out here last week! Hello spring! I had a bit of a winter depression and didn’t feel like making anything new. I did start some things but pulled them out again from frustration.


I did manage to finish the fawn from the wonderful pattern from Gourmet Amigurumi. I love here felt eye’s, first time doing something like that.



I started this bunny last weekend, at first i wasn't sure i was going to like here, but i love how she’s turning out. I made here a vest and still trying to figure out what i’m going to do with here face, but that’s something for tomorrow.


Anyways that’s it for now, have to start dinner soon! Come back soon for i’m going to start a little giveaway next week!

A test with windows live writer

Hey all,


Well this is a test with windows live writer, lets see if it works!




Thursday, March 25, 2010

What have i been up to?

Hey everybody,

Well long time no post but that's going to change! Spring found us here in Holland and gave me a urge to start crafting again. My crafting bug was gone until i found this dutch shop Hobby kelder jasmijntje.
Right here in Assen no less! I'm so happy to finally find a crafting shop near where i live, it was only a 10 min bike ride!

Anyways i bought new wool for some amigurumi's i'm working on (photo's tomorrow i'm to tired right now to get my camera. I also got some do it yourself felt packages so I'm going to start on those after is finish my current amigurumi pattern.

Anyways expect photo's tomorrow so talk to you all then!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Been sick

Hey everybody,

Well it's been some time when i last posted, Started working again 2 weeks ago and i'm feeling much better.

I also picked up crochet again because i was so sick the kitty cat below was the last thing i made! So now i started on the fawn pattern from Gourmet Amigurumi She's almost done just need to do one more hind leg. So photo's of the fawn soon!

Anyways i'm catching up with my online life and my amigurumi i still want to open my own shop so i have some stock to make up!