Saturday, June 12, 2010

What's going on?

Hey everybody,

Do you know that feeling that things have to change in your live? Well i have that feeling at the moment, i'm cleaning the house throwing and selling everything i don't need and i love how much space we have! We bought some big plastic containers for all my yarn and crafting supplies. The room that was once our storage room is now cleaned out and is my craft room! Do you believe that my own craft room, my hubby made me so happy!

Anyways i haven't posted in a few weeks because our cat (minou) had some major epileptic attacks that scared the hell out of me! She's only 3 years old and i don't want to lose here to something like that. we found out that attacks are triggered when something happens that normally wouldn't (like a glass shattering or a the mail man drops something big on our mailbox) so we are extra careful now because the vet told us that they do affect here brain every time she has a attack.

Anyways i'm going to post new photo's today going to enjoy the nice weather first!


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