Sunday, August 22, 2010

New projects + giveaway!

Hey all,


Well here is the update from the projects i have been working on and of course the giveaway! Already 25 followers never thought people would be interested in what i have to tell the world.


First, i have been working on a big crochet project, it’s a baby ragnarok dragon from amigurumi artist, you can find here on ravelry and download here patterns. They are easy to work up but there are no instruction on how to sew everything. So lot to fiddle around with!


 IMG_1330Got the head, mouth pieces, 1 wing, both legs and the tail done. still so much to do!


I also joined a crochet along over at Dawn Toussaint she has shown us some sketches of what it’s going to be not the finished project and that makes it all the more fun!


She posted lesson 1 yesterday, join in the fun!

Here is my finished piece.


IMG_13254 legs and a belly thing. Haha join in the fun and come back next Wednesday for the next lesson!


Now for the part i know some people have been waiting for the giveaway!


Here is your change to win one of these cuties!


IMG_1328  IMG_1327

It’s a little sheep! You when you win you get to choose it’s colors and face expression! He is over 10 inch/25 cm big! So perfect to cuddle!


What do you have to do?


- Follow my blog

- Post a comment about what colors your sheep should be

- Come back 10 September and see if you have won!


Of course you can blog about it on your own blog, so get people over here! And if we get 50 followers by the end of the giveaway i will add a second winner!


Saskia said...

Ooooh... wat een schattig schaapje kan dit worden!! Zwart/wit met een lief gezichtje... dat zou mooi zijn!!

Groetjes, Saskia

**Je schaapje staat nu in mijn candy-bar**volger ben ik al een tijdje :)**

Anonymous said...

heel leuk.
Hou van een lief gezichtje en verder.... verras mij maar

Anonymous said...

I love your site, and I couldn't resist joining your Give-away!
I love the colors you used now, and I would love a bit of a sad expression!

joan said...

hi i also love your blog i think a purple sheep would look good or even a multi coloured one i am going to inform everyone about your giveaway on my blog best of luck

Greenpixey said...

Love your blog, only been following it for a short while, the stuff you make are lovely.
If I won a sheep I'd like it in natural colors with a happy face.

Amy said...

I can't wait to see that dragon! I've made a small one for my hubby, but I really want to make a big detailed one!! Looks like it's coming along though, and looks awesome so far!!

Becka said...

Have you finished the elephant yet? It's such a cute idea!! I would love to join in on the fun but at the moment i'm still not able to follow a pattern very well.

I love that little sheep! he looks pretty cute with no face. Just add a nose! Too adorable/

I'd love a little black sheep. Kind of like me :) And a sad face.

Thanks for the competition!

Jocelijne said...

Oooh that is just an awsome wee sheep! sweets you did a wonderful job on it! Now I can challenge myself get the sheep into my sheep collection ( I have a cubboard full of sheeps!) but Im affraid I will not be the winner :( I will dream this night about this sheep in white with a black gray-ish skin! hehe! Sweets happy creating for the winner!! and good luck! :)

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