Sunday, November 21, 2010

Polymer clay

I forgot how much i like to work with clay. today i came across some amazing blogs that inspired me to pick up the clay i put down so long ago. Several sculptures in the works, including a unicorn girl and a Christmas fairy.

The dolls from Odd-Dolls make me happy i just love here cone dolls and hope to own one some day.

Also have a look at Much ADO About Art Dolls lot's of inspiration to find from so many amazing artists.

My mind has been troubling me lately but crafting puts everything in the correct state of mind and i'm less grumpy so what's there to lose! haha

I will post a w.i.p photo tomorrow before painting my unicorn girl.


Pattee said...

Wow thank you for following me and adding me to your blog post! Thank you also for the nice compliment you made about my "cone" dolls : )

I'm looking forward to seeing you unicorn girl and that you are working again in clay!


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