Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some finished projects.

Hey all! How was everybody's Easter weekend? Mine was all right we went to look a car show called Burton, my hubby wants' so build one of these cars, so me as good wife went along and did have a good time afterall! I finished my little bunny, gave here eye patches, finished here beanie and gave here a nice flower. I love how she turned out! She was my first "big" crochet project, photo's below!



This Friday it’s my hubby’s birthday and his parents offered so give a little party at there home. So tomorrow we are going to do all the shopping (jummie foods!) and get everything ready. Bought him just cause 2 for the xbox 360 and some things for his car to be.


Anyways because of there nice offer, i made them a little spring something, one for me, one for my mother in law and of course for my sister in law.


They are so much fun to make! The one with the flower is for me, i still have to make flowers for there bird’s but i still have time (well only tonight so have to work harder!)


I also started working on a crochet bag, only got 3 granny squares done, still 10 to go!



So that’s it from me for now, come back this Saturday because of my hubby’s birthday i will be holding a little give away!


Wendy said...

Hoi Henriette,

wat een leuke blog heb je, en wat een schattig konijntje !

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those colors!!!!

Seelenfein... said...

Hey Ganty,

your bunny is soooo cute. I love him. <3

And your birds... Ooooh, they are also cute.

Nice greets from Germany said

Nice to see you on my blog. ;o)

Jackie said...

Oh my word...I want that bunny! lol she is adorable :) I found you surfing crochet blogs...and I just wanted to say I love your creations! Did you get that pattern on line, or is it one of you is amazing :)

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